Javyon - singer, musician, creator

I am Javyon. Music is my passion. I love to create, perform, and record music.


Since before I was a teenager, I have played many roles in music, from being in bands I was a co-writing core member of, and playing as a supporting musician in other people's musical projects, to recording my own bands, and other bands and artists, from pop to metal. I've performed in many places in front of various kinds of audiences, which have ranged from a few people to a few thousand. I had performed on and recorded singles, EP's, and albums, every step of the process from tuning drums and tone selection, to tracking, mixing, and mastering final products... everything except completing and releasing my very own music.


For years, I was a guitarist who sang backup vocals. But most recently in my musical journey, I have found myself driven to grow as a vocalist, and have focused most of my musical energy on growing as a singer, and to become the lead vocalist I had never quite fully stepped out to become, having only dabbled with the role a few times. This new step is the natural progression for me, the place I hadn't ventured before in my landscape of musical endeavors. What was I waiting for?


I've been influenced by many kinds of music, from rock, blues, and metal, to classical and jazz. The songs on debut album hang in the rock/hardrock/metal area of the spectrum, but have a good variety to them, which hopefully makes for an exciting ride for the listener. After releasing four singles with videos over a year and a half, my debut album "Point of Departure" is out now! Check it out and take this journey with me as things continue to unfold.